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Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation

Student Recreation Center Membership and Services

Student Memberships

Full and Part Time students are automatically members of the Student Recreation Center because they pay the Student Activity Center Fee each semester. Upon their first visit to the Student Recreation Center each semester, students should check in at the front desk to have their membership ID Card validated and enroll their hand into the bio-metric access control system.

Student partner and dependents (16 and older) may join the Recreation Center for $ 22.00 a month (a 30 day period),  $110 per semester or $264 for the calendar year. Each partner or dependent will need to see an attendant at the front desk and be accompanied by the currently enrolled student to obtain a membership.

On-Line Students  may join the Recreation Center for $180 per semester.

Faculty, Staff, Retiree, Alumni, and Community Memberships

Memberships are available at an annual cost of $264 ,$110 per semester, or $22.00 per month (Each month membership lasts a period of 30 days).

To purchase a  membership, please visit the front desk in the Recreation Center. Online registration is not available because all new members must have a membership photo ID created. It will also be necessary to have a hand scan taken in order to create a Facility Access Record.

Each member may enroll their spouse, dependents (16 and older) or a frequent guest for $ 22.00 a month (a 30 day period) , $110 per semester or $264 for the calendar year. The member must accompany their spouse, dependents or guests at the time of their initial enrollment.

Non CSU Memberships are available as long as the potential member is being sponsored by a Columbus State University employee or affiliate.

Payroll Deduction is available for current faculty and staff memberships at $22 per month. Payroll Deduction is not available for Part-Time Faculty and Continuing Education Staff Members. Please see an attendant at the front desk for details.

*Please click the link to renew all memberships at our Rec Express portal*



Guest Policy:


CSU welcomes guests to visit the Student Recreation Center under the following circumstances:

  • All Guests must be at least 18 years old.
  • All Guests must have a valid photo ID card.
  • CSU students, faculty,staff ,alumni, Non CSU members, retirees and partner members may sign in up to two guests per day.
  • CSU students, faculty,staff ,alumni, Non CSU members, retirees and partners are responsible for their invited guest.
  • Each invited guest must fill out a liability and information form and show photo ID at the front desk before being allowed access to the facility.
  • The Daily Guest Fee is $8.00. Cash, credit cards, and checks are accepted, but Cougar Cash cannot be accepted for payment.
  • Once an invited guest exits the Student Recreation Center, they cannot re-enter the building during that same day.
  • If an invited guest breaks CSU Student Recreation Center rules or disrespects professional staff or students, they will not be allowed to return to the Student Recreation Center.

Locker Rentals

Lockers may be rented on a semester or Annual basis: Half Locker $15; Full Locker $25 or Half Locker$45.00; Full Locker $75.00

*Renew your locker rental by clicking on our RecExpress portal link*

Student Recreation Center Rec Express

Pro ShopA front view of the rec express pro shop Price List

  • Soap $0.50
  • Hair Tie$0.25
  • Lock $ 5.00
  • Socks $ 2.00
  • Ear Buds $ 5.00
  • Beannie $ 10.00
  • Bath Towel $ 7.00
  • Water Bottles $ 7.00
  • Swim Goggles $ 10.00
  • Workout Towel $ 3.00A front view of the rec express pro shop
  • Protein Shakers $ 7.00
  • Yoga Mat & Case $ 20.00







Pepsi ProductsA front view of the rec express pro shop

Gatorade ......... ....................$1.50
Muscle Milk...........................$3.00

Super Charged Products
Super Charged......................$2.50

Coca-Cola Products

Soft Drinks................................$1.50
Powerade ................................$1.50
Core Power............... ..................$3.00
Smart Water...............................$2.00